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Thank you for a thrilling inaugural concert!

For Release on September 23, 2019

Dear Friends of Musaics of the Bay:
Thank you all for your incredible support at our inaugural Musaics of the Bay concert on Friday, September 20 at The Berkeley Hillside Club! It was such a pleasure to feature our spectacular Musaics Artists in collaboration with our special guests from The ELM Program (Enriching Lives Through Music), Iliana Aleman, Victor Lau, Nicolas Lau, and their wonderful teacher Matthew Boyles. We are deeply grateful to the ELM Program for their collaboration on last night's concert and the beautiful Berkeley Hillside Club for hosting us. We had a blast playing extraordinary repertoire for you all - and we can't wait for what the future holds. See you at our next concert on November 29 at The Berkeley Hillside Club!

Warmest wishes,

The Musaics of the Bay Team

From Left: Iliana Aleman, Matthew Boyles, Nicolas Lau, Nigel Armstrong, Gonzalo Martín Rodríguez, Monica Scott, and Victor Lau.

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